• "Human Excellence, your excellence, starts with
    a high performance mindset. It’s not enough simply
    to execute your skills. But rather, it is about executing
    the right skills at the right time.
    This is High Performance."
    Vincenzo Libri. Human Excellence Director.
    "There is a fine line between
    mediocrity and excellence.
    On one side there is the
    contentedness of being.
    On the other side, the excellence
    side, there is the commitment
    of becoming..."
    Vincenzo Libri. Human Excellence Director.


"Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude." Ralph Marsten

Since 2005, Vincenzo Libri has led Human Excellence as a specialised evidence based consultancy that focuses on high performance. Whether you are looking to improve yourself as an individual, or as a team or as an overall organisation, achieving excellence relies on people being their best. This is where partnering with Human Excellence will ensure your success. Applying and integrating the latest research and developments in organisational, sport, performance, clinical and neuro psychology, your high performance objectives are secured.

At Human Excellence we can assure you that Ralph Marston’s quote above is indeed correct. In fact you will notice that our mantra is a simple one, think>act>lead>succeed. These are the steps required for high performance and success. In fact, get into this habit and high performance will be an ongoing occurrence. Don't leave your success to chance. Contact us to find out more.

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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

At Human Excellence we are very much an evidence based consultancy. We don’t provide services that we think will work. We provide world class services that we know will work. We help you embed the habits of high performance. For individuals, teams and organisations.

Our suite of services are based on the science of human behaviour – so we can guarantee the outcomes that you are looking for. How? Because we are not an off the shelf consultancy. Every engagement we undertake is purposely designed for you and your goals and the environment you perform in. No one else. We do the research. We design the intervention. We deliver the program. We evaluate the outcomes. We take responsibility and we ensure success. These are our habits of excellence so you can achieve yours.

Whether it is a coaching engagement or team building exercise or an organisational change management program, we deliver because we know people and we know what makes them tick. Human Excellence exists to help you become a consistent high performer and remain on the path of excellence. Contact us to find out more.


    "The excellence is in the details." Gregory L. Sullivan.

    At Human Excellence we believe that the details are important. We use the finest methods and tools based on cutting edge high performance psychology. Everything we do is evidence based. In other words the methods and tools we use have been shown to work in the psychological research, which means what we design for you is going to work for you. Applying and integrating the latest developments in organisational, sport, performance, clinical and neuro psychology, your high performance objectives are secured.

    Human Excellence has developed and copyrighted some fantastic tools including the POSITIVE® development system and the PsyKnow® assessment suite for providing insights on personality, values and beliefs systems as-well-as coping and attribution styles, thus ensuring high performance and the achievement of excellence at the individual, team and organisation level. Contact us to find out more.


“The difference between being mediocre and excellence is you.” Stephen Richards.

At Human Excellence, we focus on partnering with our clients to achieve high performance on a daily basis. Our website provides you with a sound view of what Human Excellence is and what we seek to do. As far as our results go, we let our clients do the talking…

"We were really impressed at the depth quality Vincenzo added to our presentations. He cut out the fluff and delivered exactly the right information, in the right manner to an audience that lapped up his every word. From now on, Vincenzo will always be a part of our presentation – the audience would be missing out if he didn’t make his contribution."

Tim Callcott


"The process of change management in our organisation is critical to growth and expansion. As we move towards merging separate specialist practices into a joint administrative structure, I found Human Excellence a valuable resource in helping me understand the process and positioning us to transition smoothly.

Many difficulties were accurately predicted by Vincenzo and with remedial steps in place prior to issues developing, we have been able to manage the process with relative ease. We would recommend Vincenzo and his approach - his methods have saved us time and positioned us to harness our resources in the most beneficial way - for both our business and our staff."

Dr Peter Subramaniam FRACS

Vascular Surgeon | Adelaide Vascular

"Over the 7 years I have known Vincenzo, his support, guidance and direction with my career and personal life have been invaluable and have helped me get to where I am today. His assistance with my career, has given me the skills and confidence to strive to be the best I can and to also be a leader in the projects I undertake.

Many of these skills and advice I have also used within my personal life to overcome issues that have arisen along the journey of life. Human Excellence is a wonder creation and everyone would benefit from the skills it teaches."

Scott Cameron

Construction Co-Ordinator | Scott Salisbury Homes

"I found this program very worthwhile as I find I have plenty of ideas but never break the plan down step-by-step to put it into action. I think people will find this program invaluable as it is so measureable and there is instant feedback. Also, changing the plan week-by-week is a great idea – it promotes success – but also it is amazing how quickly our goals change depending on changes and developments in our lives."

Jane Grivell

IT Contractor

"As a health professional my training was in patient care.Running a medical practice requires skills in managing a team of people and the process of change.Human Excellence has been an invaluable resource to help me develop these skills.Vincenzo was able to provide insights into where our organisation was, the dynamics keeping it there and the changes needed to allow it develop in a healthy and sustainable way."

Dr Mark Crawford FRACGP

General Practitioner | Piccadilly Surgery

"Vincenzo has the innate ability to deliver his message effectively to people from diverse backgrounds and levels of authority.The tools used to build an individual’s resilience and wellness stocks are simple and effective allowing the participant to quickly feel there is a relevance to what is being taught. I whole heartedly believe what Vincenzo Libri brings to our workplace is leading edge professional development; of individuals and organisations to deal with the challenges life brings."

Mr Stephen Kitching

HSET Manager | Thiess Global Mining


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  • Vincenzo Libri

    “Without doubt, high performance is within all of our reach. Some of us actually believe it and pursue it. Consequently, we achieve it.” Vincenzo Libri.

    Vincenzo Libri is the Director of Human Excellence. He is a peer published psychologist, trainer, high performance coach and mentor. Vincenzo holds masters degrees in both organisational psychology and business administration and is the authority on high performance.

    Please feel free to visit the Vincenzo Libri website for more information about him and how he can help you.

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"Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort." Paul Meyer.

Human Excellence is the specialised boutique consultancy that partners with clients across Australia and the globe. With our network of associates we cross all borders, creeds and cultures. If your goal is success then we are the consultancy for you.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you, whether you are an individual, a team or an organisation – we have the skills and the people to help you succeed.


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